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Marketing and sales

Whether you are just setting up your new business and need to translate your business idea into a task list for Monday morning, need help with converting marketing contacts into income from sales, or your sales team need some inspiration (or sales), then we can help!

  • strategic sales and marketing plans
  • effective business networking
  • collaborative working for more business
  • account management
  • presentation skills



Performance Management

Management DevelopmentPerformance management - our way! Not the stick  applied to unfortunate employees to drive the last ounce of productivity out of them. Performance management applied throughout an organisation to improve efficency and productivity. Performance management can be applied to an organisation, departments, processes, programmes, products or services, projects, teams and groups.
We provide models which are motivational, fast-track development tools and make manager's and employees' lives a whole lot easier, whilst increasing profit!

  • performance management models
  • competency frameworks
  • appraisal skills
  • setting clear objectives
  • measuring performance
  • addressing poor performance

Management Development

Our management courses will give any manager the essential skills to build, manage and retain high-performing teams. Suitable for both newly appointed and those with some experience, we can run our standard courses, or build bespoke courses from separate modules to suit individual management teams.

  • leadership and management
  • situational leadership
  • management roles
  • transition into management
  • early days as a manager
  • motivating your team
  • clear communication
  • Management Developmentcollaborating and encouraging collaboration
  • recruitment and selection
  • managing change
  • planning and organisation
  • maintaining control
  • decision making
  • managing information
  • training and developing your team
  • effective delegation
  • empowering your team
  • time management
  • managing your own development
  • assertiveness
  • your management style
  • counselling
  • coaching
  • identifying and solving problems

See also 'Business Skills' and 'Performance Management'