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Performance Management

Performance management is a much misunderstood and underused business tool. Those who have seen good performance management programmes, well-implemented, defend it with missionary zeal. It works to help businesses achieve their goals and managers to manage even-handedly.

What is performance management?

Performance ManagementOne good definition of performance management is “activities to ensure that goals are consistently met in an effective and efficient manner.” Those who have been part of an 'unfortunate' implementation of the PM process may just perceive it as a way of measuring and rewarding performance in employees, and an aid to managing poor performers out of a role or an organisation.

There is a general misconception that performance management is applied only to employees, but good practice suggests that it be applied to the whole organisation in which the model is to be introduced. If only applied in one part, or a few parts of the organisation, effort can be dissipated and not directed towards achieving the overall organisation goals.

Contrary to the 'employee only' belief, organisations might want to direct performance management towards departments, processes, programmes, products or services delivered to internal and external customers, projects and project groups, roles, teams or groups in order to improve overall, and essentially third party business performance.

Using performance management to achieve one goal in isolation rarely works. For instance, increased profit, manufacturing production, sales, reduction in budget, or attrition. Any of these addressed in isolation are unlikely to yield an improvement in overall business performance.

We can lead companies through the process of introducing performance management programmes, to solve a whole host of management and business challenges.

'PM' can be particularly useful to help inexperienced managers manage fairly, but with authority and with autonomy for both manager and employee.

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