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Gill BrayGill Bray - Managing Director of Business Hat

Business Hat was set up in 2007 after a 30 year sales, marketing and management career in the healthcare industry. As with many other people who exit the different comfort of very well-rewarded slavery,  I didn't have time (or know-how) to plan the setup while still running around (collecting one or two points) in the company car, staring at another spreadsheet, or more rarely, spending time with very talented team members. Yes, I would have done things differently had I known then what I know now. But I didn't - so there.

What have I learned that might be helpful to other businesses? As much in 8 years as I learned in 30 years - but chiefly - you can have whatever you want, it just depends what you are prepared to give up or do to achieve it! And to choose your companions for your business journey with great care. If you don't get along with someone, they probably find you difficult too, so move on and let them do what they're good at - don't let them persuade you you are wrong or bonkers.

I am looking out for people who have the expertise and passion for delivering solutions which work for their customers and community.



Ian Pearson, Employment Law solicitorIan Pearson - Employment Law Solicitor

Ian has also emerged from a corporate fold having started his legal career within BP, moving on to Nabarro LLP and last but not least Linklater's where he was training other lawyers in current employment law and mentoring juniors.

Ian has a bee in his bonnet about 'same law, different thinking'. Born of repeatedly picking up the expensive pieces of employer/employer relationships gone sour and hearing the same stories repeated about events and attitudes which led up to the breakdown. What is so refreshing (to a non-legal person) about Ian's bee is that he could quite happily continue to apply the same old, same old legal bandaids without feeling the need to fix the underlying disease - which is poor or absent management expertise. 

On the left - behold! A lawyer who wants you to save your legal fees for something more constructive. Ian's management advice is backed up by cast iron legal knowledge and expertise. He will probably say 'there is no such thing as cast iron', but whilst you can take the lawyer out of law, you can't take law out of the lawyer.

When not asking difficult questions, Ian runs a bed-and-breakfast business with his partner Lynne, owns a microbrewery and makes ridiculous videos of their black labrador, Ozy.

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