Business Hat is a business development company that works alongside other businesses on a freelance basis, in whatever way, level and frequency that works best for them, to make their business work.

Despite sharing the same background in Pharmaceutical sales I did not have the good fortune to meet Gill until we both had our own companies,and by applying her business to my business it has taken the latter forward in leaps and bounds and provided the foundation of a professional & mutually beneficial relationship
Richard Cook (Phoenix Recrutiment Ltd)

You are normal

Whether you have thousands of customers 'out there' and can't see how to turn your marketing plans into 'exactly what to do on a Monday morning', or you know you and your people 'should be' selling but the idea leaves you flat, comfort-eating/drinking while you think about it, or your colleagues or employees don't understand you - don't worry - this is normal.

It may not be pleasant or profitable normal - but you can be sure that someone not far from you is going through a similar experience! Our job is to help you move to a more pleasant and/or profitable normal state as quickly, painlessly and affordably as possible.

Why should you consider hiring Business Hat? You and your business will not be deconstructed in such a way that all your strengths and expertise is deleted and replaced along with the less helpful or absent ways of working by the 'Business Hat way'. We use a variety of support methods which are appropriate to individual situations. They include coaching, training, group facilitation and straightforward discussion. So we work 'with' you and not 'on' you - unless you have a strong preference for being 'worked on'! Plus we won't try to persuade you to work on one area of your business to the detriment of another. For instance, it's pointless driving your sales through the roof if you can't handle the work or hiring more people if you can't afford them or manage the ones you already have.

So if you want to feel more pleasantly and profitably normal, we'd be delighted to help you develop your business.


Go on! Dare to 'THINK BIG!'

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